We aren’t just a vintage shop!

If you’ve been to our shop location in the past year you’ll know that we expanded into the bay next door. This is truly where the magic happens!

Our upholstery team have been (re)upholstering as a family for over 45 years. The experience they bring to the table is undeniably amazing. We’ve had pieces come through our doors in absolute disrepair, and yet, they strip them down to their bones and then bring them back to life, layer by layer.

Why do people choose to reupholster their furniture instead of buying new? It really is a personal decision! Sometimes the cost to redo can be greater than the cost to purchase something new. So, some good questions to ask yourself.. do the pieces mean something to you? Are they structurally sound, maybe even better built than a lot of furniture of today? Do you want to keep pieces out of the landfill? Do you want the option to personalize a piece of furniture in your home? All good points to consider.

A solid piece that has stood the test of time really speaks volumes about the furniture of then vs a lot of the furniture now. Furniture wasn’t always built to be flat packed, they say this idea was tried and tested sometime in 1956 by an Ikea employee in Sweden by the name of Gillis Lundgren. While there are a multitude of pros to flat pack furniture, there is one con we can’t ignore. Furniture isn’t built like it used to be. The lighter and thinner the product, the cheaper it is to ship.

So, if keeping those solid bones from your great-grandmothers arm chair is something of importance to you, maybe reupholstering it is the path for you. If not, there is a fast growing demand for previously used furniture of good craftsmanship. The ability to sell has been made so accessible to so many with the likes of Kijiji and Facebook marketplace. It truly is a great option as well, but more on that another time…